Faery Seership CD


Faery Seership CD

by Orion Foxwood


Orion Foxwood presents "Faery Seership," a CD compilation of five visionary processes set to original music by R.J. Stewart. Orion leads the listener through core techniques applying old traditional teachings and philosophies of folkloric Faery tradition that include:

  • Opening the Faery Well - to attune with the inner power of a place.
  • The Threefold Life - to align the three souls or "walkers".
  • Opening the Hidden Paths - to commune with the Spirit of Place.
  • The Falling Fire of Heaven - a descent into the UnderWorld of Faery.
  • Nesting the Three Souls - a healing alignment of the three walkers.


This CD is a must for students of faery seership, and those who seek the hidden paths of faery and a deeper connection with our planet. The visions can be used individually, or in series, to bring the seeker into harmony within self and within nature's spirit world.